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WD Mobile IOS app store distribution.

Startbeitrag von DW am 13.02.2017 15:19

Hello All,

Just wanted to share my experience on IOS development and distribution.

I recently set up my individual developer account 100.00 and created my first IOS app. All went pretty good it was a simple app 12 forms read only. But we I went to distribute it on app store and was rejected. The reason is Apple thinks I should sell my app via their enterprise developer store $$$ 300.00 per year ++++. tried to appeal but not luck.

Just wanted to let anyone know if you are thinking of a IOS app that is not meant for the masses. DON'T do it unless you are ready to spend.

I will be converting my app to Android over the next couple of days what a waste of time.

Dennis W


Hi Dennis,

the way apples handles developers is a pain in the ass, in my eyes.
I tried to Register my Company as developer, and apples compares everything with the DUNS Register.
In Germany my Company is calles CargoFox Software & Consulting, in DUNNS it was registered as CargoFox Software AND Consolting, with the result, Apple refused the Registration.
It took my 2 weeks with apples Support to sort this out.
Then everything is going through apple store, even testing is going through apple store and test flight.

If you have an application in the field, every update needs at least one week upon available to customers.

I avoid developping for iOS if even possible.

My 5 Cents.

von stefan.kern - am 13.02.2017 16:29
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