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Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 17.02.2017 11:58

I am trying to delete the contents of a folder using FTP. Because the folder contains sub directories etc. I decided to use FTPRemoveDir.

However this fails because the server is running. I cannot even remove the folder manually unless I close the server in HFSQL Control Center.

How can you remove a folder using FTP in these circumstances?


Hi John

it looks likre you are not trying to delete any folder, but one being part of the databases set managed by HFSQL.

That is thankfully impossible as long as HFSQL is running. It is protecting its data from any outside access.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.02.2017 12:15
Thx. However I just found this example:

// Describe the connection
HDescribeConnection("MyConnection", "Julia", "Password", ...
"MyHFServer", "MyDatabase", hAccessHFClientServer, hORead)
// Open the connection
// Delete the database

von John Fligg - am 17.02.2017 12:23
Yes, you can ask HFCS to do the deletion, you just can't do it from the outside, via ftp

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.02.2017 14:49
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