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[WB20] Looper control

Startbeitrag von cardcoder am 17.02.2017 15:33

Hi Guys,

This is a very simple question for everybody but me!

I have a WB20/PHP site. The looper is filled by programming

How do I get the looper line selected?

I have tried -

res=looperline..value NOT WORK
res=looperline[looperline] NOT WORK

Thanks in Advance




considering that you are using the php mode, everything I say may be wrong.

However, normally, you get the selcted line with the looperselect function

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.02.2017 19:27
Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for getting back to me -

looperselect is a js function (doesn't work with PHP) - I don't do much with JS.

I may have found a way around the issue - still testing so I will post tomorrow.


von cardcoder - am 17.02.2017 19:52

Re: [WB20] Looper control - SOLVED

Hi Fabrice,

// this gets the line
ws_i is int = looper_shopping_display..Value

// reference the variable on the looper line to manipulate.
Edit_test_shopping_qty = looper_shopping_display[ws_i].Attribute_array_ref

Then modify as required.
Make sure that the is nothing referencing the looper in the "Whenever Page Displayed" code snippet. This can alter how the page and looper interact.

Hope it helps,


von cardcoder - am 19.02.2017 11:57
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