How to read a data file in a report

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 20.02.2017 10:36

Hi, I have a really basic question about reports.

I want to handcode the report and what to do something like this:

WHILE HOut() = False
ITEM_Type = PrintFile.Type
ITEM_Company = PrintFile.Company
ITEM_Name = PrintFile.FirstName + " " + PrintFile.LastName
ITEM_EMail = PrintFile.EMail

I am assuming I set the Items in the Body of the report. But where do I put the code to loop round and read the data file?



All sorted. I EVENTUALLY found it in the help file. As ever trying to find something you do not know in Help is just about impossible

von John Fligg - am 20.02.2017 11:51
As a relative newcomer to the WinDev world (I'm in the middle of my 3rd project), I can sympathize with your frustration. I would be even more lost if it wasn't for this forum and the tutorials from people like Andy Stapleton, Glen Rathke, Pete H., and many others.
PS If I had searched for this topic and found your posting I might have been disappointed that you didn't mention WHERE you found the answer!

von Garry Allen - am 22.02.2017 15:22
Hi here it is:



von John Fligg - am 22.02.2017 22:16
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