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How to open a PDF file when a Web page opens?

Startbeitrag von John Fligg am 20.02.2017 14:06

I have a standard WebDev Dynamic Page and want to open a PDF file when the page has opened:

IF gsPDFName "" THEN
FileDisplay(gsPDFName, "application/pdf")

However wherever I put the code either the opening of the page takes precedent or the opening of the file does.

How can I open the page and when loaded open the PDF file please?

BTW OnLoad does not work.



Hi John,

first you would have to define precisely what you mean by "open a pdf":
- display it in a field of the current page? (use an image field)
- display it in another tab of the browser? (execute the code of a button with NEW as destination, and the filedisplay inside the button code)
- open it in acrobat reader like what happens when you double click on in the file explorer? (NOT POSSIBLE from a web site)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.02.2017 14:16

Option 2 - display it in another tab of the browser.

Here is my code...

IF bPrint = True THEN
FileDisplay(gsPDFName, "application/pdf")

PageDisplay(PAGE_Loop_Contact, "F")

Using the debugger the file is displayed in another tab just fine. The code has gone on to the PageDisplay as FileDisplay does not lock the process. However Page_Loop_Contact is not opened.

von John Fligg - am 20.02.2017 14:21
Hello John!

Instead of doing a PageDisplay and then in that new Page doing a FileDisplay go to your button that does the PageDisplay, and click on the description and on the General Tab change the "Destination" to New Browser (_blank). With this instead of doing the PageDisplay just do the FileDisplay and it will open the PDF in a new browser tab.

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 20.02.2017 22:27
Thx. The problem is there is no button calling the PageDisplay. This is part of some opening code in my app.

However what I have done is simply print the file to PDF but not display it. Then when the window opens I check to see if the file is there and if so unhide a button that will then open the file.

von John Fligg - am 20.02.2017 23:06
Hi John

What you can do is use a hidden button, in the button put the code FileDisplay () and in the description is defined that opens in a new tab of the browser, and that at the beginning of the page you make an ExecuteProcess (BTN_Button, trtClick) To the button so that he takes care of opening the PDF in a blank tab.

I'm sorry for my English
best regards
David Cabrera

von David Cabrera - am 21.02.2017 00:02
Excellent. Obvious really

Thanks to all.

von John Fligg - am 21.02.2017 00:15
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