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desktop vs mobile, web,etc.

Startbeitrag von Garry Allen am 22.02.2017 14:57

Somewhere, I think on this forum, I saw a vigorous discussion on the future of desktop apps vs web/mobile. I just read and interesting article in eWeek which said:

As companies get bigger, desktop applications become even more important. For companies with less than 10 employees, 71 percent indicated that desktop applications are "absolutely essential." But as company size increased, so did respondents' rankings of the importance of desktop as an application platform. Among the largest enterprises, those with more than 1,000 employees, 85 percent said that desktop applications are "absolutely essential."

Contrary to what the smartphone and laptop people like to think, the desktop PC is far from dead—in the enterprise or outside it. "The State of the Modern Web," a global survey recently conducted by Dimensional Research, found that the desktop remains the most critical platform for business applications. This is due in part to the massive explosion in the complexity and volume of data, which is driving increased demand for data visualization techniques as users seek to make more informed strategic and operational decisions. A knowledge worker simply cannot take full advantage of data visualization methods on a smartphone or small notebook PC; it's a fact of professional life. Art Landro, CEO of web app development platform provider Sencha, which sponsored the survey, believes that the desktop will be around for another 30-plus years. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information from the survey, we offer eight reasons why the desktop PC will remain a major tool in business for at least another generation.

You can read the full article here:



I bet up to 20 years the most. this is because the lines between desktop pc and mobile device getting blur with mobile device getting more powerful soon will be overpower desktop PC. MS surface is the best example.

desktop applications may survivor 30 years for home user and soho but not on corporate or government . due to security issues desktop applications (server/client ) are facing extinction in these 2 sectors.

von ccc2 - am 22.02.2017 16:04
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