[WD 20 to WD21] Switch dialog questions missing?

Startbeitrag von Rasta am 22.02.2017 15:08


Recently I have switched from WD20 to WD21.
For some reason all of my project questions that I have created with Switch Dialog function are missing. I get an runtime error saying that questions do not exist in the project.
Any advices on how to fix this without manually typing questions?

Kind regards,


Hi Rasta,

I had a similar issue (all within WD21) when I changed the project's default language. It's something to check.


von Bill Quinn - am 22.02.2017 21:18
Hi Rasta,

I have also experienced this problem after upgrading to WD21 (details in post http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,709113,727667#msg-727667)

There is a workaround posted in there, but it seems like it is only a temporary solution.


von Ned! - am 23.02.2017 09:27
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