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Automatic Timestamp

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 22.02.2017 16:25


Thought I would try this.
Set field to record the creation date in my data file as 'timestamp'- selected Date(yyyymmdd) as the Sub Type and selected 'At Creation'-'Local Time'-'Not Key'
Regenerated the analysis, added a couple of records - Nothing, no date was recorded
Also tried it to record 'last modification' - same result.
The 'Help', other than stating it is available, give no information so my question is does it in fact work? - Has anyone been successful in using it?

The above is somewhat of a moot question as I have found a another issue for which I get the following (partial) error.....
MemoryToFile function called.
Operation not allowed on item: it is a automatic timestamp item.

Nothing in the 'Help' about this one.

Another separate issue I have is when using HRetrieveRecord("LU_SysLookUps")
The error(partial) on this is....
Error at line 30 of Internal procedure ipOnChange process.
Operation not allowed on item: it is a composite key.

Yes, the datafile does contain a CK but the 'Help' suggestes in the Remarks for the function that this should not be a problem....
The content of composite keys is not retrieved but the item separator is present (to avoid a shift).

Both the above calls are from Class methods but I do not see how that can be the problem.

Oh well, another couple of hours I will never see again

Now got rid of the CK and removed 'timestamp' from all my data files - everything running as expected.


Hello !

Are you sure that you have used HFCS 21 and not any older?
I tested HFCS 21 is working properly but on the earlier version field is created but empty.
I do not understand why PCSoft not incorporate a check of minimum versions of HFCS when using the timestamp fields in Windev application ??

von Igor Pobi - am 23.02.2017 11:25
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