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[wm21 - android] how to use Deserialize() Json

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 23.02.2017 12:31

Hi ,

due to lack of info in help , here I going to explain how to use Deserialize() json based on my try/error.

feel free to add if i missing anything

Deserialize( , , )

-> variable of a structure / variable array of a structure
-> must be buffer not string
-> psdJSON

test data1:

Test data 2:

///// declare structure ///
stA is Structure
Id is int
Name is string

M_Res is buffer = HTTPGetResult() ---> return utf8 buffer

/////////////// program to retrieved test data1 //////////
M_stA is stA

Deserialize(M_stA, M_Res, psdJSON)

info(m_stA.Id, m_stA.Name)

/////////////// program to retrieved test data2 //////////
M_stA is array of stA
Deserialize(M_stA, M_Res, psdJSON)

FOR EACH item OF M_stA
info(item.Id, item.Name)

1. the [ ] in json is reason to use variable array rather than variable even if only one record

2. for some reason you may had converted json buffer to string , use stringtoutf8() to convert string to buffer before Deserialize



Thsnk you for the samples :)


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 23.02.2017 13:02
Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was trying to do and works very well.


von James Smiths - am 12.05.2017 22:31
Any idea how to handle a complex json string...

"records": 2,
"customers": [
{ "name": "Liam",
"phoneNumbers": [
{ "type": "home",
"number": "012 3456"
{ "type": "work",
"number": "987 6543"
{ "name": "Diego",
"phoneNumbers": [
{ "type": "home",
"number": "123 4567"
{ "type": "work",
"number": "987 6543"
{ "type": "cell",
"number": "0412 987665"

von Geoff B - am 24.05.2017 11:01
Hi Geoff B ,

I don't understand why it's is complex. you need declare 3 structure and extract one at a time

stData is Structure
records is int
customers is string

stCustomer is Structure
name is string
phoneNumbers is string

stPhone is Structure
Type is string
number is string

von ccc2 - am 25.05.2017 06:53

You need to build a top level structure with a number of records and an array of CustomerStructure.

This CustomerStructure itself has a name and an array of TelephoneStructure.

The TelefoonStructure has type and number defined.

The others are using the same strategy.

If using v22 you can use JsonToVariant to get a dynamically created structure of the JSON inside the variant.

Good luck !

von Danny Lauwers - am 26.05.2017 12:20
ccc2, ;-) well it was a bit more complex that the example you gave?

Thanks Danny, I may upgrade to 22 to get the JsonToVariant functionality.

von Geoff B - am 27.05.2017 07:50
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