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Email with attachment/integerated content (Custom Preview)

Startbeitrag von Rik am 23.02.2017 16:16

Hello all,

At the moment I am trying to make our preview window more "Smart" by including email address, subject etc. in the 'Email with attachment' button.
Nevertheless, I am encountering some problems with setting up the code.

Till now I got the following two options:



Email.Recipient[1] = "Test@Mail.com"
Email.NbRecipient = 1
Email.Subject = "Subject"
Email.Message = "Message"
Email.Attach[1] = TempPDF
Email.NbAttach = 1

The first one does not include a subject and so on. Whereas the second one opens the windev generated message and my own created message.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


Hello Rik,

What about iParameterExport(iExportEmailSubject,Value). There is your subject. This sends
it to i.e. Outlook. Look into the Help for more options.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 25.02.2017 17:11
Hello Aad,

Sorry for my late reaction.
I already tried this but putting multiple iParameterExport in the button will have no effect.

This does work:
Creating a second button, with multiple iParameterExport function calls.
Then clicking this newly formed button and afterwards the export button.
Using the function: ExecuteProcess(BTN_EMail_PDF,trtClick) will not work, which prevents from creating the new button on top of the export button.

My solution:
Initialize these parameters in the initiliazation of the Preview window.


von Rik - am 01.03.2017 20:41
Hello Koen,

I put my iParameterExport in the code before calling iPreview, that works fine. In the Preview window itself you can not make many changes. I made a change to the PDF-button, so my users can mail directly to a recipient without calling i.e. Outlook. This is the only way to customize your email with let's say a standard HTML-text or images.

Best regards,


von Aad Gouka - am 02.03.2017 11:17
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