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[WM21] Slow Interface

Startbeitrag von Andrew Strubhar am 01.03.2017 15:56

I'm trying to improve my mobile app and make it feel more snappy.

I created a video to show my problem. There's a noticeable pause when the 'Next' button is pressed.


The only code inside this button is:


There's no window initialization code and animations are disabled.

Does anyone know of a way to speed this up more?


It looks like my main problem was running it on the Mac in a simulator. It works much better on the iPhone.

I'm working on some better ways to hide the 'lag' (which result because of HFSQL queries). I'll post updates later.


Hi Andrew,

most of the time, this happens because some control (looper, table, etc) is linked to a query and the query is executed and that control loaded DURING the window init (control have their init done before the window init)

So a way to solve the problem is to NOT initialise the control at the beginning, set a smll timer in the window init code, and in the timer code, run the control init.

This way, the window opens, the control is empty, and THEN the control is loaded.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 02.03.2017 11:33

Try out to create a button [Update] in WIN_Actions ie
to move any of those functions like HConn.../ querying code to btnUpdate as
HConn... takes about 1-2 sec to get connection to the server and
I am sure it will open WIN_Actions right away.

It should work fast when pressing Next but there's no way to
optimize hfSQL connection time anyhow.



von kingdr - am 02.03.2017 13:02
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