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[WM20] Call to Webservice works in Android v5 and v6 but not in v3 or v4

Startbeitrag von Neil Porter am 03.03.2017 21:07

I have the following code to call a 3rd party webservice:

sWebServiceRequest is LoginLogout
sWebServiceResponse is LoginLogout_response

sWebServiceRequest.username = EDT_User_ID
sWebServiceRequest.password = EDT_Password
sWebServiceRequest.serialno = sSerialNumber

sWebServiceResponse = LoginLogout(sWebServiceRequest)

This code used to work fine in Android v3.2 and later when LoginLogout_response was a single string containing an xml structure. I then had to parse the xml myself to read the data into my variables.

The webservice has been updated to provide me with multiple fields that I can reference directly in my code rather than having to parse the xml myself.

The code works fine in the simulator, and with devices running Android v5 and above, but gives me an error when I call LoginLogout with earlier versions of Android.

Do I have to set some additional properties to call a webservice with earlier versions of Android?




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