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wd21: where to download sample projects for 003-013 new features?

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 03.03.2017 22:53

Hi All

I couldn't find out any controls relating to wx21-features brochure (003-013) except
shape controls > circle, rectangle, wired-controls but nothing like those described in

Any clue?

Thx in advance



Hi King,
- the Repositionable Note Control is not yet really usable, the process "on Close of .." is sadly missing, one should be able to position buttons on such a Note like [I've seen that], [Delete the Note], [Close the Note] ... I don't see the advantage of the three-buttons-set in the upper right corner, what happens if a user clicks the [x]? And, I forgot, there's a nice, built-in feature to produce a GPF and crash the whole application.

- the AAF Repositionable Notes are usable, however, you have to accept the default font, no way out, but you can change font size & color as well as background color of any Note. Imho, the AAF Notes and the Note Control are interwoven up to a unhealthy extent. Both are for the Windows platform only! I'm sure, with a lot of work one could tweak the AAF-Notes to be multi-user, but as-is the AAF-Notes are single-client only. Example: http://www.windev.at/downloads/WD21_AAF_Notes.zip

- There's been done a lot on AAF. Users can add text to any tooltip, users can reposition and resize controls of a window. If you're offering rearrangement of flowcharts, visualization of organigrams etc. this will be an advantage on some windows. Generally for business applications, I switched most of it off cause I smell misuse by customers.

von GuenterP - am 04.03.2017 06:05
Thanks so much Guenter. Perhaps just a touch of learning in this case and wait for
the upgrade to wd22.

Thx again



von kingdr - am 04.03.2017 16:42
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