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WD-20 Lock in a datafile

Startbeitrag von SSP am 05.03.2017 08:19

Hi All,

There is an error with data file locked by admin user.
If any one know this issue please suggest a solution.

I attached screen shot of error.

Waiting for Reply

Thank You



1 - are you a programmer or a user?
2 - did you explicitly lock the file within the code?

von GuenterP - am 05.03.2017 09:29
Hi Guenter,

Am a developer. This issue occurred in customer System

Is this error occurred due to lock in code ?

I Didn't do any lock in the code

Thank You


von SSP - am 05.03.2017 10:02
Hi $$P,

I think you'll need to give us more information other than a couple of screen shots with an error message if you need a diagnosis of your problem.

For instance, HFSQL carries out rudimentary locking OofTB (good enough for most applications), but do you know that there's an implicit lock when you read a record in HFSQL? You can handle record locking and unlocking in a specific way using the many related functions and constants if you need something to meet your requirements.

...OR are you telling us that your application is single user and you're not expecting ANY locks?

von DarrenF - am 05.03.2017 17:16
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