WebDev on a Linux server

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 06.03.2017 02:51

[WB21 - Linux] I have been trying to install WebDev 64 Server on Debian Jessie. It seems as though the instructions are for an older version of Apache. Are there better instructions on how to install on Linux. All the steps seemed to go OK once I got past a couple of typos. However it tries to install an include statement in apache2.conf whereas I believe the config file is supposed to be copied into conf-available and a symbolic link to it place in conf-enabled. Anyway, the aliases in the conf file are not working whichever way I do it.

I also tried it on CentOS 7 and the instructions seemed to be even more out of date.

The third option is Mandrake, which I don't think even exists at this point.


Re: WebDev on a Linux server [Update]

I have tried installing the 64 bit version of the Linux 10 session AWP extension for Apache on about 10 current distributions of Linux. I was unable to get any of them to work, in spite of following the PCSoft supplied directions and some additional directions I found from another user.

The directions are not entirely correct for current versions of the supported distros. And, not being an expert, I believe I was able to determine that at least some of the commands in the supplied scripts apply to earlier versions (3 to 4 years old) of the "supported" distros that depended on Init rather than the newer systemd and that the result seems to be that the admin service does not run.

von Donald Montaine - am 07.03.2017 01:18
How did you get wb21App-10 current distros for Linux as far as I know it's only for windows (10-conn) and pls let me know the link if there is? I installed but it asked
for Lic# and I did order for en.wb22AppServer for Linux version.

You'd start-off with ubuntu 16.04-64bit or below as the recommended OS.



von kingdr - am 07.03.2017 01:51
When you extract WebDev for installation, there is a folder - "WebDep - 10 Connections\Linux". There are folders there for the 32 bit and 64 bit installs, along with a deployment document.

von Donald Montaine - am 07.03.2017 17:21
Yes, you're right as I downloaded the real version instead. I did have hard-time on Centos 6.5 (64-bit) but I'm running fine/rock solid with hfSQL.21 in UServer16.04-64bit and
is recommended by pcSoft. wb22 has more GUI features on Linux, that might have a lot instead. Give it a shot to see if it works out for you and I'm gonna install it when I'm not busy.



von Kingdr - am 08.03.2017 03:13

Please keep us posted as to the success or otherwise of this exercise. I am very interested as well.


von André Labuschagné - am 16.03.2017 20:07

I installed wb21-10AppServer(64bit) successfully on u1604-64bit and can see wb21 daemon running except the path and security settings (404,...) in Apache but I am a newbie in this.
I need time to learn about such.

Yes, you guys are right, the wb21 tutorial book is out-dated.

I might try wb22-10 Conn french version (I ordered One wb22 in English version) as said you could use apt-get install ... on Debian/Ubuntu and have GUI stuff.

My target is to use wb21/2 with webservices + hfSQL (it's live running now and so stable
and much faster than in Windows of same hardware).

ie for now...


von kingDr - am 17.03.2017 11:49
Check out Pete's stuff


von Mark Nelson - am 19.03.2017 04:05
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