PCS should come out new flexible pricing

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 07.03.2017 11:55

Hi all,

I think PCS should charge based on tools for the platform . every years when I paid for upgrade WM , I always feel angry , because I paying majority for stuffs I don't use. which to me is very unfair.

for example in WM
60% -> ios
20% -> android
20%-> windows mobile ,etc...

I use WM primary for android development , I don't use or need the others but every years , I paid 80% for nothing .

I know this sound selfish but how do you feel when you having dinners with friends , you only take salad and a cup of tea , while the rest eat lobster but all have to share the total bills. do you think that is fair ? are you ok continue paying like that?


Hi ccc2,

I don't know how selfish you are:), but what you said is not selfish. You only showed, how selfish PCSoft is. They eat the lobster on a paradise island in the Pacific and leave the bill to you. And me. And when they come back to office, they spend their time photographing skinny girls for their next shiny brochure instead of fixing the bugs.:rp:

Now don't anybody take me wrong. I think WD is the best development tool I can afford (and use). Still, for a large part, is just plain crap, and as you said, it's full of mostly (for me and for you) unnecessary crap -- some of which does not work at all.

When PCSoft started to advertise their Windows Mobile version, I purchased a Windows phone and Windev Mobile. I was rather disappointed to find out that I could NOT EVEN initiate a phone call in that phone with WM!!!!:hot:

I agree with you, it would be better, if we could pay only for the crap we wish to have.

Best regards

von Ola - am 07.03.2017 13:37
You are right.If you want to build IOS app should be one license, and Android apps, another one, etc.

Aside from the price, I Also think that PCSOFT should make another important change.

Provide developers the ability to use plain text to describe user interface design for mobile apps (like Android Studio and the .XML files) and for websites.

Is for that reason that I have not used WebDev or WD Mobile for another thing that some test.

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 07.03.2017 14:00
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