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How save is HfSql opening portforwarding

Startbeitrag von Frans am 08.03.2017 11:07

Hello to you all,

We want to switch from filesharing to HfSql. Because people want mobile apps.
Has somebody experience wih safety issues. Because we have to open a port (normally 4900) and forward it to a pc (single user) or server.

I have read PcSofts info: https://help.windev.com/en-US/?3044334&name=Managing_the_ports

What to do (extra)? Hardware / software?

Thanks in advance.



hfSql is free but you need windev 21 (wd21) and Windev mobile 21 to develop
native access to hfSQL in your pc (single user) or server.

Just ensure to open default port 4900 in your router/wifi and most importantly
your AV program in Windows w/s might also block port 4900 and let it open will

You must need an Enterprise Lic us299/yr from Apple to install ios app on iPhone/PAD ...
directly thus bypassing AppleStore installation as it might take 1-3 months to get
your wm21 app published but you still have to pay us99/yr for developer lic. Best
to get Android phone or PAD to install your apps for FREE.



von kingdr - am 08.03.2017 13:47
WM come with webservice to connect to database


von ccc2 - am 08.03.2017 16:44
Hello King and ccc2,

Thanks for your answers.
I think I question was not clear enough.

I have it al working. Works perfect.

My issue:
What about security? I have to open the 4900 port or another one.
Can somebody do any harm to the server? Overloading the port and get access?

Thanks in advance

von Frans - am 08.03.2017 17:35
Hi Frans,

I have the same issue here.
In general opening a port is a security risk.
If someone is trying to hack a system through an open port he needs to use a vulnerability in the program listening at this port.

There are a lot of known vulnerability for well known programs, but I think there are no know vulnerabilities for HFSQL, as HFSQL is very seldom and not really interesting for hackers.

I would not open a port for MySQL or other well known databases, but I think for HFSQL the risk is low.

To be safe for 100% try using a VPN if possible?

Best Regards


von StefanK. - am 08.03.2017 18:43
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your answer. Just what I thought and hoped.
VPN is not possibel.
Regards Frans

von Frans - am 09.03.2017 16:35
Hi Frans,

or you can use a webservice ?
It is quite easy with WX to generate and consume webservices.

Other question:
You are comming from germany?

Best Regards


von StefanK. - am 09.03.2017 22:06
Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your answer.
We use mobile. Which works fine now. So I don't think a webservice is a solution for us.

No I am Dutch but I speak and understand German.

von Frans - am 10.03.2017 17:20
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