How to change a SOAP tag ?

Startbeitrag von Jimboss am 09.03.2017 16:04

In a webservice created with WinDev, there is a procedure GetToken.
When looking in the response of GetToken, WinDev has named this SOAPtag GetTokenResult.

Is it possible, to get a GetTokenResponse SOAPtag instead from the WinDev webservice ?
Because an excisting client expects this Tag, and the client cannot be changed.


* Follow up

It looks that I can change the tag name in the WSDL file itself.
And it works.
But I probable will have to change it again when the webservice is altered.
But it works for now, and it's not much work to change the name again.

von Jimboss - am 09.03.2017 17:14
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