190 Evolution skin changed from WebDev 20 to 21?

Startbeitrag von Michael Rug am 10.03.2017 22:25


I have a WebDev 20 project using the 190 Evolution skin and now I opened this project with WebDev 21, but the static audit complained about a new 190 Evolution, so after applying it, it changed the styles for the controls.

Is this common? I would expect the skins styles should remain almost the same from WebDev upgrades.



Hello Michael

There were quite a few changes to that style. I would not expect there to any, especially since that style was most likely from V19 originally (going by its number - 190)

I checked a few other styles at random in Webdev & Windev and everyone had changes from year to year so maybe the solution is to keep on using the original skin and add in the new items from the next version

[attachment 2310 190Evo.JPG]


von Al - am 10.03.2017 23:34
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