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[WM21] - FTPListFile

Startbeitrag von Ben Adams am 14.03.2017 14:57

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this possible on windev mobile but here goes,

I am trying to view the files in a directory on an FTP Server, to then list each one of the files found so that the user can select the files that they want to download.

I have tried FTPListFile() but this returns me the number of files read, so i then used FTPName() and it always returns blank.

Ultimately, i am looking to list all of the files found on the FTP server, put these file names in a looper for the user to then select and to download by sending the exact filename that is stored against the row in the looper.

Any help is very much appreciated,

Many thanks



Hi Ben

it looks like you should read the help of ftplistfile more closely...

YES, it does return the number of files, BUT it also calls a procedure for each file found, and it passes the exact anme of he file to the procedure in question...

From what you are describing, you missed that part

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.03.2017 15:18
Hi Fabrice,

Yes, i saw that, but how do I show the name of the file? I have given my procedure a name but how do i call the different attributes.

Thank you for your help

von Ben Adams - am 14.03.2017 15:51

I think there is an WM example Android program that does exactly what your trying to do.

von iso - am 14.03.2017 18:13
Found it! thank you very much!

von Ben Adams - am 15.03.2017 08:53
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