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[WD20] Urgent! My analysis links are all messed up.

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 14.03.2017 20:19

I have a customer db with over 100 links. All of a sudden about 20 of those links are between MyAnalysis and CustomerDB, instead of between CustomerDB and CustomerDB like the rest of them. This is causing major problems and I can't delete the link (trash icon) because it errors out and tells me the link is unknown.

Has anyone had this before? How do I fix these links.

Also, a file we had deleted from the analysis showed back up in the analysis today.


Hi Curtis,

using hfsql? One way is to delete the integrity.fic and integrity.ndx from the hidden __System map, which in turn sits in your datatabase-map (BDD\yourdb). Then use wdmodfic to rebuild the links.

There is also a common __System map in the BDD directly, I guess it holds the links between 2 different databases? It may very wll be that you need to delete these ones!

von Arie - am 14.03.2017 20:42
Thanks Arie! My workaround for now was to use the hIgnoreIntegrity constant on the offending hAdd()/hModify() calls. I will definitely check this out in a few hours.

von Curtis - am 14.03.2017 22:13

I'm having trouble finding these files. Can you give me further insight on where this BDD database-map is?

von Curtis - am 15.03.2017 17:17

by default here if I am right.
c:\ProgramData\PC SOFT\HFSQL server computername\BDD\
Also these maps are hidden, so you have to check that explorer options for showing hidden and system files

von Arie - am 16.03.2017 07:03
I found the folder, but I do not have any Integrity files to delete...

EDIT: I believe I found a solution in this thread. Every time my app calls HModifyStructure() I delete all the links and the recreate them. The code Joris provides in that thread seems to work quite well.

von Curtis - am 16.03.2017 16:17
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