[WD20] Analysis doesn't import the correct time format (HHMMSSCC)

Startbeitrag von DannHCS am 20.03.2017 08:30


I use a MySQL table, in which there is a UNIQUE key which comprises a TIME item (with hundredth of second precision).
I write every seconds dozens of records in that table with the current time.

The writing of these records gives a lot of duplicate errors, because the analysis doesn't import the correct format of the item.

Analysis format: HHMMSS

The hundredth of of seconds are missing!!

So everytime I import the files I have to remember to modify the format in the analysis in order to avoid the software crash.

Is there a way to modify the format via code?
Do you have an alternative solution?



No way to do it in my opinion. If you delete a table or all tables from analysis for a bulk reimport you need to sign or remember each field stored in mysql as HHMMSSCC and set that by hand in analysis. Else you will lose the CC part because analysis see that as HHMMSS... weird but true.

Maybe other more experienced users here can give you better hints.

von Stefano Giavardi - am 23.03.2017 22:29
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