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WD21 - Error with HSave using Table with detail form

Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 24.03.2017 08:13

Hello All,

I will appreciate some help with a problem I have.

I have created a "Table with Detail Form" window using Simple RAD in Windev 21. Everything seem to work well except when I click on button to apply editing changes, then I get the error below;
HSave function called.
Unexpected system error.
If this error systematically occurs in the same conditions, contact PC SOFT Hot Line.

The code in the "Apply" button is as below;

// Add / modify the record

TableDisplay(TABLE_mastfileQRY, taCurrentRecord)
Note: I use MySQL database and Query is built with WD Query editor.

Best regards



maybe pass the screen( NAME) and the file(NAME) into the screentofile() helps.

I never use hsave I always use hadd() and hmodify()

Then use the following consept:

Search for a record with the ID you are on
If found do a hmodify() else do a hadd()

IF hreadseekfirst( file,identifier, value to ssearch on ) then



This makes sure you are always where you want to be. OK Hsave may do this as well I donnot know . I read something about calculating an ID and that doesnot give me a good fealing. Better do I t yourself.

von Allard - am 24.03.2017 08:55
Hello Allard,

Thanks for the the tip. I tried it and it seem to work. I will have to fashion a way to put it into a procedure to cater for all points that I may need it.

Best regards,


von Sam Asid - am 24.03.2017 09:56
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