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WB21 and mobile devices

Startbeitrag von Jan de Bruin am 25.03.2017 14:53

Hey ,

I need some advice for WEBDEV on mobile device's

I have a website in which users must enter numbers
Everything is done on a tablet / IPAD and with Chrome.
The tables contain 100 to 400 records.

I notice that there are many differences between a tablet and an iPad regarding scrolling

I also use a virtual keyboard that is above the table so that the keyboard of the device does not come up.
After the storage of the value in the virtual keyboard, the table is refreshed, and that takes a few seconds.
I use memory tables and everything in cache and all is in AJAX,
But the speed of everything is very disappointing on the tablet and IPAD

Can anyone give me tips to increase the speed of everything.
For example, can loopers be faster in this case??
Is Webdev the right tool for this maybe an app is better?

Thank you very much !



The table control has several properties that can be used. ( 7 tab window ) for this I would use a table that put everything in trhe browser. With 400 records this is no problem.

This way the ajax stuff is onley done ones so no "lazy loding "on the table . I guess this is causing the problem.


von Allard - am 25.03.2017 18:39
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