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WD21 Mobile Strange issue with classes

Startbeitrag von DW am 27.03.2017 16:36

Hello All,

I have a class to fill a calendar in Windev 21, I have imported it into Windev 21 Mobile and have some strange things happening.

1) when window opens a call a procedure from the class that sets the values of 3 Variables.
In test mode on the PC everything works great but as soon as load it on the iPad it crashes no error code. After wasting 6 hours I figured out for some reason just one of the Variables from the class has to be set to Global.

2)The next issue is the date variable. I have a procedure that runs that changes the column titles of 7 columns in 7 different tables using a variable called m_dStartDate this variable gets corrupted when the code is run.
After 4 more hours wasted it took the same code made it a local procedure to the window and it worked fine.

The code:

Error("Build Calendar Error : "+ExceptionInfo(errMessage))
//Clear the arrays

IF NOT DateValid(EDT_StartDate) THEN
Info("The Date has gotten corrupted","The date = "+gdStartDate,"Today is : "+Today())

//The AddToDate is used in the loop for the header date
dAddToDate is Date = gdStartDate

Info("1) Assign to Var = "+gdStartDate,"Today is : "+Today())

//Set the end date to the start date and then will will add 27 days
gdEndDate = dAddToDate


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