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[WD19] Groupware Disappear - HF Classic

Startbeitrag von Mujahid am 28.03.2017 15:31

Hello friends,

My user groupware configuration is Custom User + Manual Start setting.

For normal usage is no problem using both HF Classic and HF/CS. If i want to change the direction to the new database, i need to log off the application. Then start again.

But if im doing a HChangeDir to the new database in run time, then the new connection is success but the user groupware is gone (empty).

Im run the user groupware using Open(GPWLogin) or gpwOpen(".",".") but both is empty.

Any setting that im missing?

Maybe i need to setting the new direction and then restart the application. But how to restart the application? I try to using RestartProgram() but no success.

Thanks a lot.



Hello Mujahid

I can recall something like this happened to me some years ago. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but the groupware system made a fresh set of empty files in the current users roaming folder. If I am right you should be able to use the default "SUPERVISOR" user name and "SUPERVISOR" password to get into your current system.

Even if this is not the case, if you have auto file create optoion turned on in the project, the groupware will create any files it can't find automatically so try doing a search for the GPWUser.fic file on the computer as will this turn up any additional copies that might have been created


von Al - am 28.03.2017 18:49
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