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Ways to suppress popup reconnection dialog box

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 30.03.2017 22:12

Hi All

Using wifi in w/s to connect hfSQL server is popular but when the windev
application idles for some time then a warning msgBox saying

"The security mechanism of "wdApp "was trigger

The connection to the server was interrupted ???

Reconnect ..s...."

I wonder if there's any parameter in HConnection/Describe... to suppress such
annoying message and most importantly it does show up IP address with PORT number
to anyone who might interest to hack into hfSQL server.

Any help and thx in advance.

ps NEVER have any problem when connecting sqlServer or other when using
HConnection in wifi, only hfSQL...





considering that the ONLY time I have this message is when the WIFI goes down, I can assure you that this does NOT come from your program being idle, but from a network problem on your site...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.03.2017 22:34
Hi King..

Check out HReconnect in the docs. In there you will find that the automatic management of errors can be customized by HOnError and HReconnect can be used to get the connection back up if connectivity is restored.

You might also want to check your sleep and power settings the computer / wifi adapter. Probably the WiFi adapter is allowed to power down after being idle for a period causing the disconnect.

von Davie - am 31.03.2017 02:10
Hi Black

Thx and I'll have a look.

p.s. wifi adapter's is always on even w/s keeps idling all day long as I've been testing with wdSql with msSql connection for more than 2 hours lots of time without any activities on w/s and then fireup a SELECT stmt works a charm but always happens to popup alert when connecting hfSQL with idling more than 15mins+.

It's 100% that there are hidden mechanisms on client side when connecting hfSql server side.



von kingdr - am 31.03.2017 03:25
Not an real solution but you can do a dummy read every xx minutes to keep it alive

von Arie - am 31.03.2017 07:34
Thx Arie will give it a try.



von kingdr - am 31.03.2017 12:03

RESOLVED:Re: Ways to suppress popup reconnection dialog box

Yes, using HReconnect() does the trick, case closed :)

Thx Mr Black for a BIG BIG HELP and no more IP address popping up.



von kingdr - am 31.03.2017 16:39
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