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Virtual Server Development?

Startbeitrag von DW am 08.04.2017 17:49

Hello All

Does any one use a Virtual server for Windev Development?

1) Just SCM?

2)All files for development stored on virtual office access through remote desktop?

Would like to know if this is feasible, Pros and Cons.



Hi DW, for installing HFSQL C/S you'll need root access. Afaik, there is no virtual server available with root access. Maybe, you could access HFSQL Classic files on a virtual server.

von GuenterP - am 09.04.2017 04:57
Hello Guenter,

Gator host does allow you access to the root.

I am looking to see if anyone uses this method and if so what the pros and cons are.


von DW - am 09.04.2017 23:25
Hi DW,

I use a windows root server for SCM, and this works very fine including back up.

Your question 2:
You want to store the WX files (.wde,.wdr and so one) on the server, or the complete develepment environment???

von stefan.kern - am 11.04.2017 22:07
Thanks for the reply Stefan.

As far as question 2 - Everything development environment also to be computer independent.

Right now I use a lap top that goes every where with me, I back up off site every night, but if something where to happen to it like stolen I lose everything i.e. dongles and a lot of time have to reset-up a new computer.


von DW - am 11.04.2017 23:39
We offer VM's with full administrator rights complete with HFSQL, WAS (10 user) for just 69 Euro a month. See here https://www.oxsys.co.uk/WebDev-Hosting.awp

Comes with dedicated firewall with ports 80, 443, 4900 open. Other ports on request

Other options available too



von bosher - am 12.04.2017 08:52
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