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OAuth2 - Google connection

Startbeitrag von ChristoK! am 10.04.2017 08:40

I'm trying to work with google calendars..

Having a bit of trouble understanding how to get OAuth2 to connect...

is anyone able to point me to some WX samples on how to do this?



Did you check the examples provided with windev?

the examples are listed in this help page:

von Paulo Oliveira - am 10.04.2017 16:25
I checked.. and that doesn't even come close since the last google update.

That example lets you know you need to do some stuff on the google side, but doesn't even begin to cover how to do the OAuth2 authentication to establish the connection.

I am hoping that in WX22 they'll have libraries included that do it all behind the scenes (like Ruby, PHP, Python and .NET do) - but in WX21 they don't have any and you need to use the HTTP methodologies - which they don't cover.. hence my question to the group.

von ChristoK! - am 11.04.2017 05:50
Hi Christo

2 options to consider.

1. I have connected to MYOB via oAuth2 using WD code.
You have to get your Token first, so I have a method that does the request and then says to fix. Then do your api calls passing the token. oAuth2 is a standard but not very. You will have to review google documentation carefully.

2. use an existing .net assembly thats already available. Add in the assembly and use like a class library. Prefer this method especially if the .net assembly is maintained by the software company ( in your case Google. ) see WD example.

von Mark Crichton - am 12.04.2017 03:29
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