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[WM] - How to play Audio (mp3/aac) and Video (mp4/asf) in Andoid

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 12.04.2017 05:56


I have a need to play Audio and Video files in my Android app.

For Video it is possible to use Multimedia player control but cannot find anything for playing Audio files of extension mp3/aac.

How can we play these audio files?

I tried to use HTML control but it is not playing these files.

Is is possible to use one common control that would play audio as well as video files which are originally on a remote server?




The function Sound("your mp3 file") plays mp3 in Android. See the help for the sound function and look for the Android section.

I use this function to play mp3 sound files on Android. I think you can play any sound supported by Android if it is natively supported.


von Danny Lauwers - am 12.04.2017 21:24

Thanks Danny. I will explore this option. But...

Actually I found a shortcut to this.

What I am doing now is passing the URL to HTML Control and the HTML Control prompts user to either save the file or open it in any associated player and the user selects an appropriate player.


von Yogi Yang - am 13.04.2017 10:53
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