XApercu_ key in windows registry?

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We had a user that had problems when printing invoices with our software. She could print approx 3 invoices and then it crashed. The error was 'Page header of R_FACTUUR_999 reports is too large: it cannot be printed.'.

The problem seems to be fixed by cleaning the windows registry. We found hundreds of XApercu_... keys in the registry. Probably holding print preview settings. By cleaning all these keys, the error dissapeared and our software is working quicker.


Does anyone know how to disable or reduce the creation of these keys?

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Hi Joris,

I just looked and I do NOT have ANY such key in my registry...

So I would think that this may be linked to your crash, but not necessarily the cause. It may be that these keys are left in the registry WHEN your app crashed during preview.

Now, the cause of the crash, according to the error message, is the width of your report header area and THAT is a very frequent problem, as each printer (and even each version of printer driver) can have different margins values (see here for details: http://fabriceharari.com/UK/Page_Article.awp?ActiveMenuItem=8&Article=windev_webdev_printing_in_the_margins).
And yes, this kind of problem may not crash your printing at each report printed... It's that sneaky.

So, in your position, I would start by modifying my report and increase the margins slightly, to see if that fixes the problem.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.04.2017 10:46
Hi Fabrice,

Thank you for your explanation!



von Joris - am 12.04.2017 12:19
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