Help on Using Query

Startbeitrag von Binod Lohani am 13.04.2017 01:03

When to use HExecuteQuery and HExecuteSQLQuery ??
Which is more Efficient ??
Which is better Practice ??

Thanks !!


Hello Binod

In theory they should both perform the same.
The only way of telling which is the more efficient is to try them on your data with the profiler.

The difference is the source of the query. These differences are mentioned in the Help for both commands

HexecuteQuery works with queries created in the Windev SQL query editor and HExecuteSQLQuery is for queries constructed in SQL language by hand or with another editor.

There are physical limits to the depth of query that can be constructed in the query editor .e.g 6 joins seems to be the maximum for me.

As to which is best practice - whichever one works best for you.


von Al - am 13.04.2017 01:26
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