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[WD] How to create API in Windev?

Startbeitrag von ech madriaga am 13.04.2017 05:50

Hi All,

How to create an API using Windev?
Is there any samples?



Hi Ech,

You can look at the C/C++ interoperability examples.

In short, you create a WDL using WinDev.
Next you can call functions (it have to be global procedures/functions) out of external languages in this WDL.
I did several interop solutions using WD over the last 15 years using mainly C where I created a custom C DLL in Visual Studio that bridges to the WDL and returns anything back to the calling application (Oracle JDE ERP mainly) of what is coming back from the WDL call.
It's pretty cumbersome to write but it does the trick and is pretty fast in execution. Main limitation: wintel only.

There is no real ability to create native API's afaik.

Alternatively you may look at generating a DotNet assembly out of your WinDev code.
That is something I never used however and I guess there are several limitations when using more advanced structures, classes or data types.

Just my 2 cents,

Peter Holemans

von Peter Holemans - am 13.04.2017 07:13
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