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R&Q Project

Startbeitrag von Mark Crichton am 18.04.2017 08:42

Hi All

Does anyone understand how the Reports and Queries "Project" works, and is there any help anywhere?

R&Q adds it's own entries into the project which is really cool and makes a nice "menu" area to see what reports are done etc.

How ever, over time it ends up full of invalid report links, and reports renamed on disk, etc etc. IS there a way to delete everything in it, and start with a fresh blank set of these project entries. It also seems to hold links to other copies of a report on the disk etc etc.

There is also HSstDuree.log with mapping to files and folders.

I would like to empty all this out , but need to know what files to delete, and where to find them..

This is probably a difficult question to answer, but any comments would be appreciated.


Re: R&Q Project


I make templates of reports and allow for some reports that user can make reports based on thoose templates. This new report is saved in the DB For me this works great

Use it for invoices . Balanssheet profit and loss etc etc.

I do not know if this is an answer to your question but I wanted to tell you that it is indeed a product that can be used.


von Allard - am 21.04.2017 00:10
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