Supressing an event?

Startbeitrag von Mark Thomas am 21.04.2017 09:55

Hi folks,

I have a button with code in the click event.

When I doublclick the button it executes the code in click event, I dont want this to happen
so how do I supress this behaviour?

Before anyone says disable the button when I click it sorry I can't do that.



WD, WB, WM ?????

What are you trying to achieve?

Does 'double click' need to call a different function to that of a 'single click'?

More info required.

von DerekT - am 21.04.2017 10:08
Make 2 buttons ???:D

Why make code in 'doubleclick' button control ?

von Harry W - am 21.04.2017 11:02
DerekT, Harry

Thanks chaps I will come back to this later many thanks for your interest anyway.


von Mark Thomas - am 21.04.2017 13:24
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