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[WD 20] Operating solution for multiple reports

Startbeitrag von Yaku am 26.04.2017 09:58

Hi everyone,
I have a software that prints several table-based reports created in Windev (10+), and it works like a charm.
The fact is, the controls found on those reports are adapted for a specific customer.
There's a chance that this software will be given to other customers and, although the data retrieved by the table would be the same, the controls on the reports need to be modified (size, font, position).
2 methods that comes to mind for handling this request are:
-Create x * n reports (where x is the number of the reports, and n is the number of customers), and include all of them in the executable
-Create x reports with n panes for each of them

In both cases, I'm a bit concerned about the size and the loading times of the program. Which is the best way? Or is there a better way than these two?



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