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[WM] - How to initiate Share/Send in Android app?

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 28.04.2017 12:20


In an Android app I what to give facility to user to share the info on screen like is available in many new Android apps that shows all icons of app that support sharing.

For example the default image gallery has a button by pressing which a user can share selected images.

How can I implement such a feature in my Android app?



I just had an idea. Of course I will try it as soon as I get time.

But I thought I would just share it here:

I feel we use the function ShellExecute("") to kick in Android application selection. In this mode I think the use should select Whatsapp...

Is this the right way?


von Yogi Yang - am 01.05.2017 06:38
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