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Startbeitrag von JP am 05.05.2017 17:59

Hi All

Has anyone used Steema TeeCharts ActiveX component with WinDev? It looks like a very good complete charting ActiveX. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has some experience with this control.



Looks cool. do you want to use it with windev ofr webdev ? Windev has standaard these thing availeble , as I quickly checked??



von Allard - am 05.05.2017 18:50
Hi Allard,

I think Steema has very much more than the charting options of WinDev at this time. Check their chart gallery...

von JP - am 05.05.2017 21:37


the gallery.... Hmm windev 22 has all of these features . Gauges and line charts are availeble with the sliders .
win drose, area , surface charts etc . Windev has even a scatter chart that I donot see here.

version 22 can make composite charts as well . ( line and barchart in one chart etc )

You can programm them completely. You can add axces change fonts all by programming. Put them in a dashboard etc etc. And all is very easy to do !!

If you mean webdev then you have a point . Webdev doesnot have these kind of advanced graphs. But webdev( version 22 ) can now integrate jacscript frameworks and thus you can use the google charting engine witch has WAY MORE FEATURES AND IS FREE!!!

But if you like it and wnat to use it it should be possible.



von Allard - am 05.05.2017 23:13
Hi Allard,

WinDev can do all these? - https://www.steema.com/linkIn/chart_gallery

Can WinDev plot (for example we need) 6 series in a line chart with some series on left y-scale and some on right y-scale?

I would be very, very happy to hear that :)

von JP - am 06.05.2017 04:41

Instead of using Steema Charts why not give RMChart a close look. It has free like in free beer. It comes as an ActiveX as well as a DLL and it can convert any chart to bitmap/image by just one command so it would be easier to insert such charts in reports.

Please check out: http://rmchart.software.informer.com/4.1/

Just my 2 cents. :)


von Yogi Yang - am 06.05.2017 04:54
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