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Responsive web design Webdev 21

Startbeitrag von DW am 06.05.2017 20:16

Hello All,

Trying to learn about Webdev and can not find anything in the help about any part of responsive web design. I found the example but nothing about blades or how to overload the controls.

What I am I missing??

Dennis W



1 start a new page based on responsive.

- A new page is created with 3 blades

- Save it

- Add a control to the page in desktop blade ( version 21 works from the desktop perspective )

Right click on the control and thus you can remove it for tabled or phone and overload it as well.

It is all just try with trial and error. But it is quite easy to get the hang of it. In php modus it doesnot work great but in dynamic webdev it wortks like a charm .!!



von Allard - am 08.05.2017 09:32
Hi Dennis,


I tried it in depth, and I can say that it works -IF-:
- you want to do ONLY what THEY want you to do
- you keep you pages quite simple
- you do not expects all the CONTROLS in the page to behave this way or that way (by example, expecting the inside of a table to reorganize will not happen)

However, if you want to have a FINE control over what's happening, or i you have to manage complex pages, it's not usable at all, as you cannot mix their RWD with your own code to complete/modify it... In those cases, you will have to code the responsive mode yourself (and yes, it's possible, as I demonstrated partially in WXShowroom.com, but it can be a lot of code).

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.05.2017 12:46
Hi Dennis,

Allard is correct when he states, "...all just trial and error." IMHO, like many things development companies release, the first iteration is not quite there. So for us, after quite a bit of time trying to create a workable responsive site, we decided that it needed to go back in the oven to finish cooking. :)

I've been able to get some minor pages working ok, but not fantastic. And the level of frustration to get that accomplished was far higher than it should've been.

I still occasionally play with it in the hopes that I realize I was missing some key understanding or element. But in the end my hopes are on v22 fixing many of the issues.


von KenKnight - am 08.05.2017 12:49
Thanks for the replies,

I was able to find more about it from the help from version 22 but I think this one will take a couple of years before it becomes useful. The concept is good but lots to do to make it functional.


von DW - am 08.05.2017 14:15

well I have had bad experiances with the php mode. All kind of fault messages that had to be solved. etc

In dynamic webdev it is quite usefull and works quite good:

- tables donot scale indeed that is true but tht is because the table control can only anchor as a whole. A table control cannot anchor the colums onley oine colums can scale.
So not realy a responsive bug, just a lack of functionality on the table.

Indeed there are other limitations. One cannot scale a immage in desktop modus ( to follow the screen) and let the immage not scale in tablet mode.

Maybe this can all be solved in versaion 22 for that version has a css editor. and All this stuff is just css.

But over all I still think it can be used. Iam happy with results



von Allard - am 10.05.2017 07:08
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