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Can we enter PHP in WebDev 21?

Startbeitrag von Santi Rai am 09.05.2017 15:42

I am new in this technology. So, i have question, can we enter PHP in WebDev 21?



Put a button on the page.
Mouse Click on the WL of the server code - this turns dark red and changes to PHP
If you click the browser code it stays green but changes to JS



von cardcoder - am 09.05.2017 16:06

Yes, as described above, but why ? I say WHY ?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.05.2017 18:13

I think that we continue to differ on this.

I am currently adding WB into other clients php sites.

It allows me the opportunity to pick and choose small projects (I have virtually retired but like to keep my hand in for friends and local businesses).



von cardcoder - am 09.05.2017 19:02
Hi Mike,

I got a Project where the customer requested PHP some years ago and tried to make it in WB, but I gave up.
I think it was WB 17 or 18, and at my opinion the WB - PHP mode is not stable.
Beside missing controls and functions there where a lot of nasty Ppoblems and funny error messages at runtime.

For me WB is not a tool to develop PHP pages.

Best Regards


von stefan.kern - am 10.05.2017 19:22
Hi Stefan,

I am currently using WB20.

I like the idea that you can put html controls on the screen and then put ANY php syntax / code snippets into it. It makes it very versatile compared to just using WB.

Below is a code snippet that scrolls an image from a mysql table.
Using ExecuteProcess(Button_change_image_banner,trtClick) I can scroll through the images.

ws_temp_image is string = "images/"+ws_index_pic_name

Static_image_banner = ws_index_pic_description

sHTML is string =""

// Complete
sHTML= [


sHTML = StringBuild(sHTML, ws_temp_image)


This allows full integration between WB / html / php

von cardcoder - am 10.05.2017 20:21
Hi Mike

I have to agree with Stefan. It is nothing compared to working with dynamic webdev pages. But you can make smal sites

Mysql for db means workling with heidiSQl or other tool to manage mysql no automatis adding of fields like hyperfilecs. Can be a good thing. But there is an odd thing with numbers I found myself in the situation where I HAD TO DEVIDE BY 100 TO GET THE FIGURES RIGHT AFTER CHANGING SOMETHING!!

No debugging. You can but not on the real thing ( simulation mode )

Controls have less functionality and a lot less functions in wlanguage.

But over all if you need something done quick and it isnot to big you can get something done in hours what others php ftrameworks take days.

But this is all without adding php webdev can handle php but onley small sniplets . If you want to program php use php not webdev !!!!.

Webdev generates php for you it is a kind of framework that conferts wlanguage to php and that is what it does.


von Allard - am 11.05.2017 10:16
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