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RTF windev 19-22

Startbeitrag von DW am 09.05.2017 15:58

Hello All,

Playing with RTF for text fields. I am change a project that is 10 years old and noticed it a change the edit control to rtf the control respects the default font i have set Calibir light 12.

But when it is displayed in a table control it does not respect the default font it always displays it as 8 Arial, unless that field was edited then it will display what ever the rtf format the user selected.

Is this standard or a bug that should be reported?

Dennis W


Hi, the "standard" font used within a control depends on the skin respectively the style used. Within a properly set up project one would define the control styles first, which includes the standard fonts for each of the properties.

von GuenterP - am 09.05.2017 16:15

in RTF, the font is set inside the CONTENT of the field, not the field properties...

If you want a default font value for your RTF content, when the user starts to edit, then you need to create a rtf string setting that font and paste it inside your control BEFORE the user starts editing.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.05.2017 18:12
Hello Guenter,

I have my skin for all my controls set to the same font and font size, On a edit control the RFT respects the default font selection if it has no encoding and displays the correct default font. On a table control column with the same font & font size setup in the skin it does not respect it, It shows something different.


von DW - am 09.05.2017 19:30
Hi DW, I'm sorry, my posting is dead wrong - Fabrice is right !!

von GuenterP - am 10.05.2017 05:16
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