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[WD21] Creating editable PDF with the report designer based on a form

Startbeitrag von Markus K. am 13.05.2017 07:23


i am trying to create reports based on a form. Some fields i can fill with data automatically, but most fields the user has to fill manually. The original form has about 30 pages with lots of fields and checkboxes (http://www.justiz.de/formulare/zwi_bund/vinsolvenz.pdf).

My idea was to create a report based on this form, i fill the possible fields automatically by programming and then i create a pdf (no print preview) and the user has to fill the other fields manually.

But its nearly impossible to place the edit fields in the report editor on the exact place. And there is no way to add editable checkboxes in the PDF, only textfields are allowed. The fields background can't be set to transparent, so it hides many fields on the original form. There is no way to set the vertical alignment No comboboxes are available. and no logic can be implemented (activate fields when a checkbox is set to true).

All in all the report designer is a joke. It's ok doing some basic stuff, but for serious applications with more complex forms its not usable. No editable checkboxes in a PDF....

How do you handle generating editable PDFs which can be filled partially by programming? Is there a way to access the fields of the original PDF to fill them?



I found a workaround which is in the end much easier to handle.

The above mentioned original PDF consists of many editable textfields and checkboxes. Now i use the document as it is. I build an Excel-file with key-value pairs. The key is the name of the fields in the PDF. Then i use the freeware BulkPDF which offers a commandline tool. For this tool i create a config file which maps the data in the Excel file to the PDF's fields.


von Markus K. - am 15.05.2017 07:24
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