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Windev mobile and HFSQL

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 16.05.2017 13:49


I have a program that runs fine in a network environment.

More and more clients are asking for a mobile version on an android tablet.

Is this working witht the same possibilities as windev.

Is the data accesible via HFSQL


Willy Hermans.


Hi Willy,

Depends on the business needs and the WX limitations (which may have been resolved with V22).
- Are you talking about mobile connectivity with a local WiFi LAN or real mobile (4G, on the road, ...).
- Do you need live data at all times for it to work or an old style client-server replication concept to the local machine (For that see Fabrices solution)
- ...

If you want to make something really future proof in this sense that works in all cases, I only see one option: SOAP web services or REST api calls for CRUD operations having all business rules managed/enforced centrally.

This means that your software already needs to be modular designed having a storage, business and presentation tier that is independent (or extremely loosely coupled) from each other. Your storage and business logic tier can still be combined if there's no other option.

We tried to develop this sort of stuff with the full WX suite (targeting WD+WB+WB Webservices+WMiOS+WMAndroid+WMWindowsMobile) but it is simply not up to that task. It is plain impossible (in an acceptable and future-proof way) whatever the PCSoft marketing claims say.

There's of course the WX way to do something similar with a multitude of code replication between the different suites and thus maintenance replication, but that is IMHO just not worth the effort.

If it only concerns a couple of screens it might work of course to move-on and deliver quickly what you need with the existing suites. I'm just not sure it'll be very efficient maintenance wise...


Peter Holemans

von Peter Holemans - am 16.05.2017 14:25

WINDEV Mobile in Android has no direct way (e.g. using HOpenConnection ..) to connect to a remote database like HFSQL C/S See: https://help.windev.com/en-US/?3044107&name=HOpenConnection There are two possible ways to connect to a remote database: a socket connection or a Web Service.

von GuenterP - am 16.05.2017 14:32
Hi Willy

NOT the same possibilities as Windev (only a subset of the UI controls, by example)

Direct HFSQL C/S access is POSSIBLE, but it's a bad idea, as network connectivity can drop anytime on a mobile. So I strongly advise to go toward a replicated solution.

Also, you have to realize that a tablet : does NOT have a mouse, does NOT have a keyboard, which means that everything UI related must be designed FOR a tablet/finger environment, and that means a complete UI redesign.

Another point to take into account is that a tablet is much slower than a desktop computer when it comes to local data access and manipulation, and that queries must be kept much simpler there...

Of course, there is always the solution of providing a windows 10 tablet where your existing application COULD function, but the UI problem remains, the network problem remains and the price of those tablets is quite high...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 16.05.2017 14:32
Hi Fabrice, how would you implement a direct connection of an Android device to HFSQL C/S? HOpenConnection is definitely not working ...

von GuenterP - am 16.05.2017 14:44
Hi Guenter

Personally, I am NOT using HF C/S from android because of the loss of connections I was talking about and I'm using the replicated solution, as you know.

However, hOpenConnection -IS- available for android (as described in the help), and there are enough people on the french forum who are using it (then running into the aforementioned connections problems) that I am SURE it is usable.

Of course, that means that you have an open network path to reach the HF server, which is a secondary problem to solve.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 16.05.2017 20:38
Thanks all,

It has to work with wifi.

I shall use tablets with Full Windows. The original program is already for touchscreen.

Willy Hermans.

von willy hermans - am 17.05.2017 11:40
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