[WB18]Upload edit control+currupt files

Startbeitrag von Paulo Oliveira am 17.05.2017 11:04

I don't know if the bellow behaviour hapens in the other versions.

Our findings:
Webdev uses one dir. (Tmpupload) to put the uploaded files with a name like WEBDEV_0_nnnn.upl
If by some reason the file generated by webdev in the upload process already exists in the Tmpupload with a bigger size than the file he is uploading the new temp file created will have the file of the upload process and the remaining bytes of the old file.

In our case we are uploading pdf files and in some situations the pdf uploaded is corruped.

We create (manually) files in the Tmpupload from WEB_DEV_0_1.upl to WEBDEV_0_99999.upl always with the same pdf (1 048 775 bytes) and after that we try to upload one file with 207 920 bytes and the result file after the UploadCopyFile have the same size of the inicial file (1 048 775 bytes) but the content of the first 207 920 are from the second file.

Does anyone have a solution for this?
Is it in the latest versions already fixed?



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