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[WD20] Automated Procedure - Stops Working

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 17.05.2017 20:14

I have an automated procedure(UpdateTable) that is set to run every 30 seconds. The procedure it calls runs a query against HFSQL to update a table. For some reason it seems to stop working after a couple hours.

I checked my code and if they exit the plane that this procedure is used on I call EndAutomatedProcedure(UpdateTable). If they go back to this plane I call UpdateTable() to restart the automated procedure. If they insert a new record while on this plane I call UpdateTable() even though this auto procedure is already running. Could this cause my problem? There are no other pieces of code that touch this procedure.

My UpdateTable() Automated procedure mechanism options:
Type of automation: Timer / Scheduled procedure
How?: Infinite / 30 seconds / Each following call runs the procedure once, without the timer
When?: Immediately during the call

Maybe I need to change my 'How?' to 'Each following call restarts a new timer'?


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