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WD 21 - if you are coming from Clarion

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 23.05.2017 18:26

If you are coming from the Clarion world beware of the difference between Character Operators.

myString is string
FOR k=1 TO 132
// Now myString has a length of 132

myString[[1 to 3]]="AAA" // Length is still 132
myString[[1 to 3]]="AA" // Length is NOW 131 !!!

Steven Sitas



Steven I came from Clarion a long with others and there are several differences.

The only thing I truly miss however is the template system.

Would be nice to make a template like "Put this code within every"End of initialization of type Windows"


von Tor-Bjarne - am 23.05.2017 18:35
Hi Tor,
Yes - the template system is a great paradigm in Clarion.
I don't know why nobody else is using the paradigm - but I think everything would be different if Bruce Barrington sold Clarion to Microsoft in the '80s.

I really think that anybody who creates a user interface library - either for the browser or for desktop/mobile apps - should also include a visual interface builder that supports embeds through templates and so on ...
Just going "manually" through all the embeds in WX is really a waste of time ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 23.05.2017 18:59
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