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[WX22] Pre Release (May 4) Stable?

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 28.05.2017 00:12

Can anyone offer an opinion if the 'Pre-Release' is close enough to start upgrading now - or hazard a guess as to when the 'final' release will be available.


Hi Derek.
I haven't yet upgraded to v22, but as a rule of thumb:
(1) I always wait for the October release (whatever it is called) before I deliver to my users.
(2) I never START any application development in the pre-Release or the one after that, called the FINAL release. In the past, moving from the FINAL release to the June/July version caused me a lot of trouble. Last time (v21) I had many corrupted Queries ...

If I have the time, I use these first 2 versions to get to know the new features and nothing else.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 28.05.2017 10:30

I used webdev 22

Looks quite good but does miss stuff . The immage editor is not acvaileble in webdev 22!!!

big disappointment



von Allard - am 28.05.2017 21:46
According to the brochure - the image editor is supposed to be available WD WB WM - so that should be coming. Wonder if it is available in the French version?

You use WebDev only now? I replicate all WinDev development in WebDev. Bit of an overhead - but I'm not yet ready to toss out the desktop.

von DerekM - am 29.05.2017 04:12
Hi, it depends - as it always does. I did move a big project to WD22 and found no major problems. At least none that weren't already here in WD21 ;-) Note: I'm moving well within the limits and I do not use many features which haven't been here 2 versions ago. Using the new features of any current version may be risky, these have to be tested thoroughly before incorporating them in a project.

von GuenterP - am 29.05.2017 04:56

The pre release of 22 is no more or less stable than 21.
I'm now working for a week or two on a migrated project and I have no issues at all.
Except for the occasional crashes (once or several times a day) that were already there in 21 :-(
No time lost in the post-migration process which is a totally new experience compared to previous migrations.

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 29.05.2017 08:28
Hi Allard,

I was working with a 2- state button image when I suddenly saw two windows open with the images in it and on the right side a toolbar appeared.
That must have been the image editor, but after I closed these windows I could not get the image editor back.

Kind regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 29.05.2017 08:31
Hi DerekM

I have web22 and ordered mobile 22. I did not upgrade windev.

I am working with Webdev now and am going to use mobile as well. The reason is that responsive sites in webdev are not mature enough to be used. (That is just my opinion )
And although I could go the mobile first approach , in webdev , I have considered it but have come to the conclusion that that would limit me to much for web desktop.
So for my project I use responsive templates where possible and for the parts that need the desktop design approach I use anchoring ( meaning “normal webdev pages that use the whole screen )
Good anchoring results in an app that handles ok on a tablet and on the desktop as well.
Webdev is indeed mature enough to develop back office applications. This is what my app does, no need for windev.


von Allard - am 29.05.2017 10:25
not so lucky for WM22-android. I have to wait for final version before moving my project and hope problems i found is due to bugs and not permanent changes . if it's permanent changes then i'm f**k :(

one of my project stuck at WD12 because of that.

von ccc2 - am 29.05.2017 11:48
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