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[WD21-22] How long should the dongle update take?

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 31.05.2017 19:07

...mine's been running for 40 minutes!!!! :hot:

It's sat at "Waiting for update..."

What can I safely do to stop it if I need to?

Is it safe to stop it at this stage?


Hmmm... internet problem, mine is only a few mins.

Might be server shuts down for security reason if your internet is good.

Should be safe to reboot your w/s and redo it again, pls ensure NO AV to
avoid scanning USB port.

Good luck



von Kingdr - am 31.05.2017 19:21
just a few seconds for mine each time... If it's waiting for update, you should be good

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.05.2017 19:25
Thanks guys...

Apparently you can stop it....

My internet connection isn't the fastest, but (as you say) it should only take a few minutes at the most :confused:

I'll try again... The dongle update was run as part of the WD22 installation - any idea how I update the dongle without running it via the set-up? Is it WDMAJCLE.EXE?

von DarrenF - am 31.05.2017 19:43
Yes, WDMAJCLE.EXE is an option also and it's just a few secs indeed.

wx22 is pretty smooth even it's a preview...

von kingdr - am 31.05.2017 19:51
Something was up... it took a matter of seconds this time!

Ok... now for WB and WM - fingers crossed!

von DarrenF - am 31.05.2017 20:00
wx22 is pretty smooth even it's a preview...

Well... a preview... if you want to call it that...

But the US preview you are talking about is in fact the version 4 or 5 since the real preview came out in french in December... :-)

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.06.2017 11:34
Hi Fabrice,

while we are there, I'm interested in the general attitude of French citizens toward "quality" in general. Is there a lot of difference to German speaking nations and how do you see American people in regards to this issue?

von GuenterP - am 01.06.2017 16:24
Hi Guenter,

I can hardly speak for all french persons :-)

than being said, I can tell you that the "quality" of the french versions coming out between December and May gives each year the same result: a concert of shouts, tears, blood and swearing on all the pcsoft french forums (and yes, all that is there to read on the "censored' fora, as Peter was saying)...

So, not very different from anybody else when confronted to this kind of problems.

However, there is one BIG difference: the law. While delivering a half baked product in the USA would give pcsoft tons of very costly lawsuits, the law, as it stands in France, means that it won't happen It would take years to have a result, and the financial reward, if any, would be too small to cover the lawsuits costs

Which is why, in my opinion, PCSoft is doing things the way they are:
- deliver the french version in December for accounting/investing reasons (fiscal years ends with the calendar year), no matter how finished (or not) it is
- use the french developers foolish enough to work with thee versions as free beta testers
- finally, publish the US version only around may when the worst problems are solved, and STILL announce it as a pre-release, even though the code/version matches the upgrade 3 or 4 after the FINAL french version has been announced.

...just because they can...

Now, I have been accused in the past of begin an advocate of all things pcsoft... And that is not true. While I have and will continue to advocate for the many very positive aspects of their products, there are a number of things that I think they are doing completely wrong, and this is one of the big ones...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 02.06.2017 13:09
Hi Fabrice,

thank you for the insights!

von GuenterP - am 02.06.2017 13:48
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