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[WD21] - Opening a file Multiple Times

Startbeitrag von JP am 01.06.2017 08:27

Hi All

WinDev 21

I am having a blank moment - I have a file in the analysis, lets call it "Source_File". It is an empty file which I populate according to user action during the user's session. I clear it afterwards - it holds only temporary records.

My problem is the user now wants to open multiple copies of the application. This causes confusion since each instance is trying to access read/write this same file. So a solution is to open a separate copy of this file in each instance but it must still be referenced by the original name in order to avoid needing to re-code many occurrences of the file name in the code.

So I guess I need to create a copy of this file in the start of the app and then open it but alias it to the original name. But I am suddenly blank on how to do it .. too many late nights! Can you mention some functions I need to read up on?



Try with HChangeName function

von Paulo Oliveira - am 01.06.2017 08:39

Awesome - simple, 1 line solution. Thanks!

von JP - am 01.06.2017 08:58
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