Startbeitrag von André Labuschagné am 01.06.2017 08:29

Hi All

Has anyone managed to use the WB SAAS functionality successfully? If so I am interested in talking to you here or PM.



Hi Andre,

Did you get any replies about this? I'm very interested in SAAS from a newbies point of view, especially combining an off/online system with WM.



von Peter Muckle - am 03.06.2017 09:09
Hi Pete

Zip so far. I am actually quite gobsmacked that no one in these parts have given it a bash. I am very interested in it in the same way that you are. My one concern is that I think that it is tied up with H files. We need to use a database system that is accessible to a variety of languages. There is one fellow who has used it but he seems to be off the radar for now. I am trying to get hold of him. Will report back if I manage to get more info on it.


von André Labuschagné - am 03.06.2017 18:45

I made my own saas implementation. It is for one application so I integrated it all.
From users registering them selfes as tial users to billing them for functionality used.
Works great
Webdev is easy . Figgering out what you want to do almoast all the time the moast difficult.

Hf Nothing to do with it. If you need other db no problem. I do not get what you mean by :
We need to use a database system that is accessible to a variety of languages.

(If languages are computer languages ) I would not let them acces the db them selves. Better create an API or a view webservices for certain things.
Outsider can acces the service and you give him back some Json or xml for them to use in their app.

I amworking with 22 now and it is great. ( for moast parts )



von Allard - am 06.06.2017 07:43
Hi Allard

I agree with you 100% that WB is very powerful and mostly misunderstood.

What I mean by other languages I do not want to be limited to the Hyper Files which I understand that out of the box PCSoft SAAS thing requires. I am just wanting to avoid rewriting our own SAAS manager as you have done. Would love to pick your brain on this one :-)

We are wanting to do exactly what you have done - demos, self registration and automatic billing and great monitoring of all that is going on.

Nice to know that some folk have got it humming nicely.


von André Labuschagné - am 08.06.2017 13:49
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